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Average cost $350 ($1500-2000 sqft home) Supplies included!

Move In/Move Out

Moving is hard work and there's a long list of things to do. Let us help! Top to bottom deep cleaning is what we do. We will take that chore off your hands and make your house shine for you to move into or make it ready for sale.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning: Services

All the boxes are packed, "Who's going to clean this place?" We can help!

AVERAGE COST (per sq ft):
under 1000 sq ft     $250.00
1000-1500 sq ft      $350.00
1500-2000 sq ft      $400.00
2000-2500 sq ft      $450.00
2500-3000 sq ft      $500.00
3000-3500 sq ft      $550.00
3500-4000 sq ft      $600.00
and so on and so forth...

Moving House
Move In/Move Out Cleaning: Welcome
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